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Why Quick Turnaround is Important to Our Customers

An advantage of working with Indium Wire Extrusion is that we can help you get working on your project quickly. Since most of our orders ship out within 24 hours, we can help get you back up and running with less downtime.

There are 3 very important parts to getting you material for cryogenic seals as quickly as possible:

1) Great customer service

Listening to your needs and asking the right questions up front saves time.

2) Material in stock

Since the large majority of our customer's applications require 99.995 pure indium, we keep a large safety stock on hand at all times. This allows us to service small (1oz) orders as well as big orders for our largest customers.

3) Expedited production

At Indium Wire Extrusion, we focus on one thing: providing indium seals. This means that when your order comes in, it is our top priority!

For the fastest turnaround, give us a call at (855) 246-3486 and receive technical support AND help ordering in one call. We do not pass calls, we help customers from start to finish!

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