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Are Bolt Holes in Washers Actually Needed?

We strive to help our customers save money – that’s one of the reasons why our customer base has chosen to have us help them on new projects time and time again. Today’s handy tip is to save money by rethinking the need for bolt holes in gaskets.

Why do we have bolt holes in gaskets? The holes in gaskets make sense with a hard material, but cryogenic seals are made of a material (99.995% In) which is many times softer than lead. Because of this, it is very easy to push a bolt right through the material – it is incredibly soft and malleable.

How does this keep the costs down? A washer is less expensive to produce than a custom gasket with bolt hole specifications. We pass that cost savings on to you. We have the common washer sizes for cryo-coolers (3.375” and 1.75”) ON HAND, ready for shipment. If not, we can often produce washers for shipment in 24 hours.

Save time and money, email us or give us a call today at: (855) 246-3486

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