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Pure Indium vs. Indium Alloys

Most cryogenic seals are made with pure indium wire or washers. To be specific, ≥99.995% pure indium is standard. Pure indium is the most common material, but other alloys are available as well.

Indium/silver alloys and indium/tin alloys have many similar properties to pure indium, but are a bit stronger. Let’s look at the data:

Pure indium tensile strength: 237psi (Brinell hardness: 0.9)

97%In/3%Ag tensile strength: 800psi (Brinell hardness: 2)

52%In/48%Sn tensile strength: 1720psi

(just for reference) Pure lead tensile strength: 1800psi (Brinell hardness: 4)

If your application calls for wire that is harder and stronger than pure indium, email us or give us a call today at: (855) 246-3486

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