Indium Wire Extrusion was originally organized to work with small research groups to offer a new service of recycling cryogenic o-ring seals at a significant financial advantage. Now we work with research facilities and businesses, big and small, across the globe offering both recycled as well as new Indium wire.

With production facilities located near Washington, D.C as well as our newest facility in Castle Rock, Colorado, Indium Wire Extrusion is positioned to quickly deliver 99.995 pure indium wire around the world from certified ingots.

Since 1997 Indium Wire Extrusion has been providing products to Universities, Government Laboratories, and equipment manufacturers across the country and around the world. We were the first to offer INDIUM SCRAP RECYCLING to save fifty percent of the cost of new wire and conserve a valuable national resource. Our product line includes: INDIUM WIRE in various sizes as shown on the chart, INDIUM SHEET and INDIUM FOIL made to your dimensions, INDIUM/TIN (52/48) SOLDER WIRE, and the specialized 3.37" and 1.75" INDIUM WASHERS used as inter-stage thermal links in cryocooler cold heads. We manufacture 'On-Demand' to your schedule and ship in 24 hours. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and become your sole source supplier of indium products


To globally deliver high quality products and services that advance science, research, and performance.


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Indium Wire Extrusion News

Indium Wire Extrusion continues to grow and expand year by year. For the new year we will be making preparations for a new generation of family to take over the business. 2015 will have Brian, our Production Manager at the Castle Rock, CO facility, becoming a partner as part of our transition preparations. Eventually he will take full control in January 2017. At that point, Darrell will remain as Technical Advisor and Chief Operating Officer Emeritus. He will also remain as the contact man for your orders and offer suggestions about the use of indium wire in cryogenic vacuum seals. We look forward to a continuing strong working relationship with our existing customers while moving into the future.

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