Since 1997 Indium wire Extrusion has been available to recommend flange design and seal wire sizes. We also have INDIUM WASHERS in the standard 3.37" and 1.75" diameter for Cryocooler Cold Heads. 

Indium Wire Extrusion was originally organized in 1997 to work with small University research groups to offer a new service of recycling indium cryogenic o-ring seals at a significant financial advantage over new wire seals saving fifty percent in cost.

Our expertise comes from 35 years of experience in cryogenics and development of very large low temperature liquid helium cryostats to cool 3000 pound gravitational wave detectors to four Kelvin.

We offer an understanding and engineering advise of flange design and wire size seal selection for your project. Our chart will guide you to proper seal groove design as a function of flange diameter. In addition, you can call us to discuss your special design needs.

We can talk cryogenics and vacuum technology to help guide your design. These principles apply to the Medical field, Aerospace, or Research and Development. Indium wire metal seals made by IWE DO NOT outgas or have permeation problems of rubber o-rings. Our seals will provide a vacuum tight bond down to near absolute zero with assured success of reaching ultra high vacuum if required.


Darrell Gretz

Founder and COO

Darrell Gretz has more than 35 years of experience in cryogenics and the development of low temperature technology. His career has been dedicated to cryogenic research and testing during which time he developed and perfected a process of recycling indium wire seals and also became involved in cryogenic safety training. He currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Indium Wire Extrusion Company which he founded in 1997.


Mr. Gretz has served at the University of Maryland Physics Department as Director of Cryogenic Facilities. In that role he worked in Experimental General Relativity attempting to detect Gravitational Radiation using low temperature technology to improve sensitivity. Mr. Gretz designed and built large cryostats housing a 3000 pound aluminum bar antenna and also established a helium liquefaction facility for cooling the devices.


Mr. Gretz has a wide and varied background in science and engineering. Most recently, as the Facilities Engineer at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, he wrote thermal vacuum test procedures and specialized in ground support cryostats for testing of space flight hardware. Earlier in his career he served honorably in the U.S. Marine Corps where he received training as a technician in electronics and microwave radio relay. He also designed micro-electronic digital logic circuits while working at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab.


He is a graduate of The Johns Hopkins University, School of Engineering.

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