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Q.        What is your minimum order?

A.        Our minimum order is ONE ounce of ANY size wire.


Q.        Can I order two feet of wire?

A         It is not economical for us to sell short pieces unless we charge for a full ONE

            Ounce, our minimum order.


Q.        What should groove dimensions be for an indium o-ring seal?

A.        Groove width should equal the diameter of the chosen wire.  The depth should be

            calculated as: width X depth = .8 X cross section of the wire.


Q.        What is the purity of your wire and washers?

A.        We only use certified 99.995 pure indium wire.


Q.        Can I get a certification of the wire purity?

A.        YES, we have the manufacturers assay report available.


Q.        How do I place an order?

A.        Call our toll free number 855-2-INDIUM,  (855-246-3486).


Q.        What should the thickness be for indium sheet thermal links?

A.        Physicist calculated that .005” sheet is optimal for thermal links.


Q.        Can I have ONE ounce of scrap recycled?

A.        NO. Our minimum acceptable amount for recycling is 4-5 ounces.


Q.        Why can’t I have just ONE ounce recycled?

A.        We only charge $75/oz. to recycle and economically it is not practical.


Q.        What is the simplest way to make a groove for an indium seal?

A.        Use a ball end mill the wire diameter and make the depth HALF the diameter.

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