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An Inexpensive Indium Thermal Interface Prototype Material

Most customers know us from our extensive work with indium for cryogenic sealing applications. While that is still our wheelhouse, and indium wire is still our flagship product, we now offer a product for those of you who need a small amount of indium foil. Foil is a great form of indium for prototyping, since it can be trimmed to the correct length and width very easily, using only scissors or a utility knife. Currently, we offer small prototyping pieces, with thicknesses from 0.010” (.254mm) to 0.020” (.508mm).

We are offering this foil due to customer demand for lower cost and lower minimum order quantity indium foil. If you’re just getting into electronics cooling applications, there is no better option out there.

If you have questions about a size we didn’t mention above, or how to use the material, please send us an email ( or give us a call at: 855-2-INDIUM.

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